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Welcome to Rccg (Chapel of Glory) groups. These are special interest groups and ministries for your church. They work like miniature versions of this site to which you can subscribe. Choose a group to continue.

Group Description Your Status Permissions # Actions
Ministerial Fellowship The ministers of the church who serve in various capacities according to areas of giftings. These also form the leadership of the church. Not Member Private [Hidden] ViewJoin Group
Prayer Ministry The power House of the church for effective ministry Member Public 1 ViewJoin Group
Children Ministry Child Development to carry on the work of ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ now and in their generation Member Public 1 ViewJoin Group
The Choir Building a Tabernacle of praise unto our God for His glory Member Public 1 ViewJoin Group
Ushers Department These are the doorkeepers, the watchmen/women. They serve as the human gates. They maintain order in the auditorium. Member Public 1 ViewJoin Group
Audio/Technical Department. They add sound effect in other departments. Member Public 1 ViewJoin Group
Men of Valor The Men's Fellowship. Teaching males to be men. Member Public 2 ViewJoin Group
The Good Women Preparing women to be unique and virtuous in the kingdom of God and raising up a generation of God lovers Member Public 1 ViewJoin Group
God's Project. Ministering to God in dance and impacting lives through drama. Member Public 1 ViewJoin Group
Youth Ministry Raising a generation of God pleasers. Member Public 1 ViewJoin Group